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Margot Home

Laundry water "Milk" 500 ml

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Favorite product at Margot Home.

From the Lothantique fragrance publisher; a family business founded in 1920 which has now grown into a leader in bath and household cleaning products. High-end products found in the best boutiques and the most exclusive stores in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Combining modernity and Provençal tradition, all their products are made with the greatest respect for the environment and contain natural ingredients of the highest quality.

This laundry water is safe for textiles: spray everywhere (armchair, cushion, carpet, clothing, bed, etc.).

I am always told that Margot Home smells good. The smell of "Milk": a smell that I fell in love with: sweet, which is not too sweet or invasive; comforting without giving the migraine by being too pronounced. So that it just smells "good" and clean