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Margot Home

Arthur cuddly pillow

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Small 7 "x 15" cushion made from the same quality fabrics chosen for Margot Home. Multiple uses possible, among other things as a bed companion. Remember to leave your perfume there as a source of comfort!

* Chloé fabric : High performance fabric in light cream color with warm gray strands and a soft, slightly textured texture

* Indoor / Outdoor * 2 % Polyester / 98% Olefin and of exceptional quality

Our high performance fabric collection is a remarkably durable, stain resistant line that allows life to unfold around you without the anxiety of dirt, because olefin is inherently stain resistant.

Care instructions :

Spot clean with soap and water or with a delicate, cold water

wash with detergent. Leave to dry flat. No ironing or dryer. Dry cleaning is not recommended; high performance fabrics can be damaged by solvents used in the dry cleaning process.