<transcy>Who are we?</transcy>

Clinical nutritionist with geriatric clients in hospitals and mother of three children, I have always had an interest in decoration and interior design.

Inspired by the effervescence of Limoilou, my neighborhood, the ambition to develop a project that fascinates me has been present for many years, but my career and especially my family life, has always been a priority for me. While keeping my priorities at heart, the children now grown older, and with the help of my partner, I was able to quietly develop this project which I hold dear.

With the arrival of a new member to our family, our mini goldendoodle "Margot", I searched in vain for items for her that would fit into an up-to-date decor, both male and female. The lack of choice of beautiful dog and cat cushions made in Quebec is strikingly obvious. So, with the help of my partner, we developed the idea for our project " Margot" . Married for 11 years, we are the perfect complements for this adventure.

After many hours of development and testing, we are happy to be able to offer a cushion that meets the high standards and requirements that we have set for ourselves and that without leaving aside the basic objective of designing a cushion. can be harmonized and changed according to our decor.

Our best friends deserve the best!