<transcy>Our cause</transcy>

Margot Home cares about the cause Les Chiens Togo : orphan dogs who are trained to become counseling dogs for humans in great need. We have therefore decided to become partners with this foundation which depends solely on donations offered to exist.

So, to contribute, you can take a photo of your pet in your home decor and post it on Instagram or Facebook (or both!) by tagging @margothome_limoilou (Instagram), @ MargotHomeLimoilou (Facebook), @leschienstogo and adding #margothomelimoilou.

For each cushion sold, for which a photo is published, we will donate $ 2 to the Foundation and through this action, you will help promote their cause and our small business. If you don't have a Facebook or Instagram account, just email us the photo allowing us to post it and we'll be sure to donate on your behalf!

We obviously invite you to visit their website and encourage them!